Summer and Winter Camps


Thanks to our unique Art Excel and YES! programs, camps in Taraska help young people to develop:

  • Natural self-confidence,
  • Teamwork skills,
  • The courage to accomplish goals and how to resist stress
All of this takes place in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, through enjoyable games and activities in the Sulejůw Landscape Park. Providing a camp at Taraska is the best investment you can make for your children's lives.

The Art Excel course for children aged 8-13

This comprehensive course is designed to develop individual excellence, by maximising your children's potential and their sensitivity to human values. Through play and fun, they learn how to co-operate within a group and share with others. They also learn how to express themselves more effectively and how to be natural and comfortable with different types of people. Activities such as "find a new friend everyday" or "do a good deed spontaneously" make them more aware of other peoples' needs and encourage them to be guided by human values in everyday life. Our strictest critics - the children themselves- always give this program enthusiastic reviews.
The Art Excel program includes:

  • The five golden keys to success;
  • Yoga and breathing exercises which help to reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Techniques to improve concentration;
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques;
  • Leadership skill enhancement, problem solving and harmonious team working;
  • Activities designed to stimulate and develop creativity;
  • Outdoor games and activities.
The course lasts for 10 days.

The YES! course for teenagers aged 14 - 18

Is a program that is dynamic and full of fun which makes teenagers realise that they are responsible for their own lives. It provides them with practical knowledge and techniques that help them learn how to live their lives.

The YES! Program enhances teenagers' physical, mental, social and emotional development, by making use of:

  • Breathing techniques which relieve stress and improve memory and concentration;
  • Dynamic games and yoga;
  • Practical knowledge aimed at raising teenagers' awareness;
  • Group processes, which teach strategic thinking and problem solving;
  • Lively discussions, which develop their ability to handle critique and peer pressure, and build self-confidence and teach them how to act naturally.
The course lasts for 10 days.

The Centre for Health Promotion in Taraska also admits teenagers who have undergone drying-out treatments or drug detoxification for health recuperation. Our breathing practices and yoga enable them to resist recurring craving for alcohol or other substances.


The Centre for Health Promotion supports the charity "Give Holidays to Children," which is organised across the country in the form of public fundraising. Collected funds are used to organise and fund holidays for children and teenagers from impoverished families, children's homes, juvenile reform schools and social welfare centres. Raised funds cover the costs of transport, accommodation, food, staff remuneration, medical care and cost of YES and Art Excel programs, which help children and teenagers improve their life skills.

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