About us

The Centre for Health Promotion

Was launched in 2002. Due to the unique surroundings of the Sulejów Landscape Park, our centre is the perfect place to rest and recuperate in a natural environment. We offer stays for individual clients and organized groups, beauty and health treatments, as well as courses and world-famous workshops.

The Centre for Health Promotion regularly runs programs aiming at stress reduction and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in all its dimensions. Our programs will satisfy the needs of everyone, regardless of age and state of health. Courses and workshops are also provided for children and teenagers, as well as adults.

Year-round our centre is teeming with life, especially during our summer camps. Whole families come together with parents taking part in the adult workshop of their choice. At the same time, children have a great time taking part in activities organized by certified camp counselors.

Our centre also offers fully equipped workshop rooms for rent. Our clients include life coaches with their groups, and yoga and dance schools.

The Centre for Health Promotion runs various workshops and courses devoted to:


Personal development


Yoga and meditation




Vegetarian cuisine


The Centre for Health Promotion is located in the Sulejůw Landscape Park. A short walk in the forest leads us to a charming pool where the Czarna, one of the cleanest rivers in Poland, flows into the Pilica River, which in turn meanders into Sulejůw Lake, 6 kilometers from Taraska. The famous Cistercian Abbey, an architectural gem and a unique European monument, towers over the lake.

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