Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program
30.08 – 19.09 2020

The Art of Silence – Swami Jaataveda 21.10 – 25.10
18 March 2020

Sri Sri Yoga Teachers Training Program


Become a yoga teacher !

Sri Sri Yoga School invites you to a yoga course led by inspiring teachers in an amazing forest scenery in the heart of Poland.
The Sri Sri Yoga course combines traditional yoga knowledge with practical skills and pragmatic teaching techniques.
Graduates of the Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program are equipped with a deep, experiential, and multi-faceted understanding of yoga, enabling teachers to guide all levels of students effortlessly into the experience of harmony and bliss.

AUTHENTIC, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOGA CURRICULUM Sri Sri Yoga offers a comprehensive and multidimensional science-based program that integrates all paths of yoga such as Gyana (wisdom), Karma (service & action), Bhakti (love & devotion), Raj (royal) and Hatha (effort) and more. Our program is not only Yoga Alliance certified, but it offers QCI certification too.

EXPANDED HORIZONS Under the framework of Sadhana (Practices), Seva (Service) & Satsang (Truth), the Sri Sri Yoga teachers emerge from the program with an expanded understanding of universal principles that govern human behaviour. Such an understanding enables graduates to better navigate relationships and life situations with ease, leading to happy, fulfilled lives. .
"If you go to a teacher who understands yoga in a proper way that teacher will teach in a proper way, give you a proper experience of yoga. If you go to a teacher who is mostly on the physical level that is the experience you will get. So it depends very much on the teacher"

Debora Grossoni, Wielka Brytania

"All the good schools of yoga they are basically teaching the same elements – postures, some breathing, and some relaxation. How they teach, and what is their emphasis, makes a big difference. If their emphasis is physical that is what their students will experience and that is where they will stay. But in Sri Sri Yoga our emphasis as Yoga Teacher is not just on the body, even though we have lots of good postures that are very effective, very good for the body. Yet we take students beyond the body, make them experience their inner being, so they really feel so good about themselves"

Oleg Matweew, Białoruś