A Blessing course with Swamiji Jaataveda during Shivaratri
21-23 February 2020

Sri Sri Yoga Teacher Training Program 30.08 – 19.09 2020
18 January 2020

A Blessing course with Swamiji Jaataveda

21-23 February 2020

What is the Blessing Course?
Fulfillment is a beautiful feature of consciousness and gives you the ability to bless and be a healing tool
. The Blessing Course offers an experience of abundance, contentment and fulfillment through unique meditation processes.
These qualities are natural to us all, and the course leads them to the fore of our experience.
The Blessing Course is a deep course with the most amazing processes and meditations.
Each meditation is unique and allows you to go deeper. Our Master's love, kindness and compassion are above words,
and it comes as a total experience. Come and experience the best gift you've ever received and become a great tool for passing
the Master's Grace!

Enrolment info

For International participants please register here (prices are included):

Venue (2 hours from Warsaw International Airport):
Art of Living Retreat Center Taraska

Taraska 19A
26-337 Aleksandrów (Lódź Province)