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We all carry a dream to be the best version of ourselves for us, our families, the environment that we live in and for the whole world as well. Often it happens though, that due to the emotional wounds from the past and the wrong perception we cannot live as our hearts tell us to.

If you can relate to that description and you are looking for a path to overcoming the limitations of the mind and the old habits which inhibit you from experiencing your inner power and from taking a bigger personal and social responsibility, DSN course is tailor-made for you!

DSN is abbreviation for Divya Samaj Nirman, which in Sanskrit stands for Creating Perfect Society. Another, equally adequate, acronym is an engilsh phrase Do Something Now!

DSN is a truly transforming course, which due to it's unique combination of yoga, specially chosen meditations, breathing techniques and group processes gives participants a strength to overcome self-limitations and inspires to become more socially responsible and active.

Teacher: Ilona Pawluk - psychologist, therapist, The Art of Living teacher for 26 years, the only teacher of DSN course in Europe! Her experience, charisma and dynamism will surely take you to one of it's kind experience and to unforgettable journey towards yourself.

Requirements: completion of Hapiness Program or YES!+

Price: the price depends on the country.

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